Testing Services | Easy Set-up

With Advanced DNA Services, it is easy to set up your case, and we will be there for you through every step in the entire testing process.

  1. Determine what relationship you want to prove. If it is a simple father-child relationship, you need a paternity test. If it is a mother-child relationship, it is a maternity test. If you are not clear, our DNA consultant will discuss all testing options with you so that you can make an informed decision. We encourage mother’s participation in paternity, maternity, grandparantage and siblingship tests if possible. Unlike some other laboratories that will charge mother’s participation, we do not charge additional fees for testing the mother. On the contrary, mother’s participation may help you to lower your fees because her data makes the analysis in our laboratory easier—another proof of us passing our pricing advantage to our clients

  2. Order your DNA test with Advanced DNA Services. You will be asked to provide all tested parties’ information such as name, date of birth and contact information so that we can schedule a convenient sample collection appointment for you and notify you of the appointment after it is scheduled. If you are requested by U. S. immigration services to take a DNA test, you will be asked to provide embassy/USCIS paperwork with such request when setting up the case.

  3. Schedule your appointment with a small deposit. Unlike other laboratories that ask for full payment in advance, we ask only a small deposit to start the scheduling process for you. You can pay the balance when your results are ready. Once your DNA consultant finishes scheduling your appointment, you will be notified immediately with the necessary information for your sample collection.

  4. Testing starts when ALL samples arrive. Once our laboratory receives samples from all tested parties, we will process the samples immediately. It takes only 3-5 working days for us to deliver the testing results.

  5. Deliver testing results. Your testing results will be mailed to the address you designate on the client consent form you sign when your samples are collected. For our immigration clients, we will send copies of your testing results directly to the embassy, USCIS office or your attorney.

For more information about our DNA testing services, please call one of our caring and knowledgeable DNA consultants at 513-898-9826.